Festivals, workshops, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, urban projects we participate at:

Play_Public - Festival|June 2016, Chania, Crete

8th Panhellenic Architecture Exhibition- Sana|September 2016, Patras

Interdisciplinary Conference in Architecture and Education with international participation: CHILDREN'S SPACES OR SPACES FOR CHILDREN? - AUTH May 2017, Thessaloniki

Survival Guide - Mind the fact festival I May 2017, Athens

Προς το κοινό Α της Αρχιτεκτονικής, conference Ι Οctober 2017, Athens

The Identity of Athens - living realities festival workshop - CITYLAB 8A I April 2018, Athens

Child in the city world Conference I  September 2018, Wien

Architecture Workshops for Children, 2016- today, D. Solomos Primary School, Athens

Architecture Workshops for Children, 2018-today, Hill Primary School, Athens

The Thresholds of 35th Elementary School of Athens: Redesign the school's entrances and create new uses for them (the community-library door and the Playbench) with children's participation. Intervention implemented in the framework of This is Athens-Polis programme  I   2019, Athens 

Placemaking Week  Europe  I  12-15 June 2019, Valencia

Architecture Lab for Kids: Equilibrists in Space. Exploring urban space becomes an exciting journey guided by George Zongolopoulos’ sculptures.    Ι   2019,  SNFCC

Architecture Lab for Kids: Sunlight turns into space!   Ι   2019,  SNFCC

Architecture and Education  Ι   Seminar - Experiential Workshop  I  Educational Lab  I  October 2019, Network for Children's rights, Athens

Citylab 2019b Workshop:Fear-Architecture-Art  Ι   September 2019, ASFA, Athens

techNotech, educational program    Ι    October-November 2019, Tavros, Athens

Architecture and Education  Ι   Seminar  for teachers   I   Network for Children's rights   I   March 2021,  Athens

Ethos and Space, International Conference  I  May 2021, Thessaloniki

Child in the city- Reclaiming urban public space  Ι   participatory Lab Conference “Participatory Planning: City, Environment and Climate Change  I   November 2021, Athens