For Nelson Goodman, the world exists in as much ways as it can be described. The enrichment of representational tools is considered a primal step for our projects, using multiple languages and notational systems [aerial photos, maps, photographs, mind and concept maps, collage, questionnaires, texts, drawings, structures] encouraging their co-relation.

In our workshops, the holistic approach of education is a prerequisite, in contrast with the conventional educational model that gradually leads to the shrinking of creativity. Children become familiar with basic space, architecture and urbanity concepts. They learn how to critically observe their surroundings and to express their ideas on 3 or 4 dimensions. They experiment in problem solving, emphasizing in the process as much as the final outcome. It is a process that aims in responsible citizens with actual interest for public space issues.  In our approach, children’s cognitive development is being cultivated through a systematic focus in symbolic representation as well as through playing.